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Do we know what the other side of the end hold for us?  Yet.., we go all out to reach it, as though we do.  We assume anyplace is better than where we are.  Not so fast!  ‘Storybook endings only happen in storybooks’.  ‘Happily ever after’, doesn’t last forever.  Not in this life.Men Praying

So what does it mean to end a friendship, a marriage, a relationship or, a job?  Does it mean, “I’ll never do that again?”  No, it doesn’t.  One friendship ends, another begins.  You go from one job to another.  Divorce can bring out the worst in people.  Yet, we’ll do it again.  We go from relationship to relationship, and always believe the next one will be better than the last.  I’ve just described life as we know it.

Remember the children of Israel when Moses led them out of Egypt?  When they got far enough away from Egypt they began to feel safe and comfortable.  That’s when the mumbling and complaining began.  They shouted at Moses, “did you bring us out here in the wilderness so we could die?”  Exodus 16:3

Israel was quick to go back to what they were most familiar with.  That’s what we do when things get tight.  We pretty much know what to expect, whether good or bad.  There are very few surprises, and the ending is almost always the same.

It’s ok to be daring, risking it all.  Isn’t it time we got out of our comfort zone and do something.  I think it’s harder doing the same thing day in and day out, rather than doing something different.  Do something for somebody!

Selfish doesn’t become you.

“A MAN CAN INSTRUCT ANOTHER IN THE WAY,                                                                 BUT IT WOULD BE BETTER TO INSTRUCT ONE ON THE WAY”.

“IF YOU CAN TALK SOMEONE INTO SOMETHING,                                                          SOMEONE ELSE CAN TALK THEM OUT OF IT”.