The Love We Share

In spite of all the times we shared that didn’t quite agree, each and every moment of them was filled with you and me. When things went wrong, we had a song, to sing straight from the heart, a vow we’d take, for our sake, that we would never part. Tears of sadness and tears of joy are shared by a man and his wife, to experience one without the other would be missing a part of life. I want so much for us to be one in every way, So I declare my love for you on this blessed day.


Remember when we first met, when we thought the world was ours alone? We’d search the sky, I’d never forget, While the wind would sing our song. We talked and laughed, and felt the things, that only nature can explain, We’d swell with joy from deep within, and shed the tears of happiness and pain. Nature herself would heed our call, and command the sun to shine, To bathe us in her golden light, A most masterful design. The universe and all its glory couldn’t house the love we share, the greatest author and his greatest story couldn’t express a love so rare.