TwilightA shimmering glint of magnificence stretches across the sky where darkness meets light;

The Sun strains to stay relevant, but night had its own beauty to showcase, and would not be denied;

what an awesome sight …., Twilight, when day and night meet in the sky and all of the creation pause to witness a cosmic dance that has gone on, twice a day, since the beginning of time.

When heaven and earth pause to witness this phenomenal spectacle, the stars sing, the earth dance, and, all creatures everywhere are awestruck.  Beauty and power coalesce twice a day for all creation to witness.  The beginning and the end meet, what a concept.

While many would say ‘Day’ is more beautiful because we can see and distinguish more; yet, even in darkness, all that we see in the day is still there;

And those that prefer the ‘Night’ because you can better see the heavenly host have to know that even in the day they are still there.