Author: Nathaniel Stalling Jr.


It’s amazing how typical life can be, especially when you see it through the eyes of a child. I have a daughter who is head strong and determined to do things her way. I can understand her because when I was a teen-ager I wanted to do things my way too. But! Times are different now. My generation, I’m a baby boomer, didn’t have the highly publicized ‘Drive-by’ shootings. We didn’t have a rash of Church burnings or, domestic terrorism (The World Trade Center, The Federal Building in Oklahoma City, and let’s not forget the man that affected the Post Offices nationwide: The Unabomber, and the one we will all remember so vividly, the World Trade Center bombings, September 11 (9-11).

Now we are faced with a scathing new National Security threat. The United States of America, the last and most powerful superpower on earth is in danger. Are we being threatened by another nation? No. We have the most powerful military on earth that would be a futile threat. Are we being threatened economically? Our economy, while weakened as of late, is yet the most robust on the planet.

With all of our military might and economic strength it is not enough to stay the crushing blow we have sustained from the ‘hand of a child’. Children, teen-agers are killing their parents, their schoolmates, their teachers and, themselves. This generation, generation X, is literally killing off itself, and taking the rest of us with them. Those of us who have weathered the storm before will have to do it again, because we have no other successors.

Anytime a child can kill his parents, then go to school and kill his classmates and/or teachers that he grew up with, studied with, ate lunch and played with, without any kind of remorse, we are in serious trouble. How do we combat such a threat? How do we stop this epidemic? Do we make ‘ALL’ teen-agers suspects?

At this time in our American history, while we’re at the pinnacle of our greatness, it appears that we are ‘Clueless’. We … don’t…. have ….a … clue! The political arm of our nation has declared war on drugs, tobacco, drunk drivers, HIV and, dead beat dads. A war-like mentality pervades our society in every community from the poverty stricken rural areas of Mississippi to the high priced suburbs of Los Angeles.

Who can know the effects of such a society on its citizenry? Can we be inadvertently breeding and nurturing our own demise?

“They will be divided, father against son and son against father; Mother against daughter and daughter against mother …” Luke 12:53.

No one will argue, least of all myself, that those issues mentioned above must be dealt with. But my question is: How do we fight them? And what should our weapons of choice be?

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