Warrior for God - Bible VerseHave you ever wondered why bad things always seem to happen to you? When was the last time you said, “why me? Why do bad things always happen to me”? First of all, let me set the record straight, bad things happen to everyone. None of us can escape having bad experiences. Having said that, we need to know why some of us experience bad things more often than others. One thing we must keep in mind is that many times what appear to be ‘bad things’ are simply a matter of perspective. It’s more times than not how we see things. Example: Two people go to prison, both are guilty of breaking the law. They both are struggling with some form of addiction. One of them see it as a bad thing. This one is looking at the things that will be missed in society. The other one see it as a good thing. This one see an opportunity to change his life. Perspective.

Jesus asked the disciples, concerning John the Baptist, what did you go out to the desert to see? Their answer depended on their perspective. How you seeAfrican American Woman Art things can and, often does, determine how you respond. How you respond is primarily based on what you believe. What you believe is based on where you put your faith.

Have anything good happen to you lately? “Think on these things ……..”. Changing your perspective could change your entire life. Go on! take a chance. Someone took a chance on you, didn’t they?


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