By: Nathaniel Stalling Jr.


Where Is Your Faith Now?

It’s December 2007, and America can no longer deny that a deep rooted ‘Recession’ was having its way, running headlong toward the middle class.  With politicians running for cover, pointing fingers, shifting blame; turning an already bad situation into a lightening rod of fear; faith went on an unannounced journey, and we blinked.

One by one businesses closed, the workforce shrank and, unemployment skyrocketed.  The financial industry shook like an epileptic, watching helplessly as one of its own, a once powerful giant collapsed and died; Lehman Brothers.  Others quickly followed.  Voices rose throughout the country:  ‘Where Is Your Faith Now?’

As if that wasn’t enough, two of the big three auto makers buckled, and went into bankruptcy.  For Detroit, this was a near certain death blow.  Many wondered if they would ever recover.  I could hear that voice in the back of my mind echoing: “Where Is Your Faith Now?”

Christians and non Christians alike were suddenly together in a common valley.

Where Is Your Faith Now?

Four years later, girded by a $700 billion dollar stimulus injection, the United States of America is on a comeback.  This reminds me of the wise saying in the book of proverbs that says: “Dishonest money dwindles away, but he who gathers money little by little makes it grow”.  Proverbs 13:11 NIV

We all would have preferred that this never happened, or at the very least, that it was over and done with quickly.  Most people in America demanded a quick fix; yet, most of us knew that was very unlikely.  Those of us, in the middle class, who was riding a wave of reasonable prosperity saw our progress halted and, in some cases, even reversed.  When businesses, large and small, began to collapse like dominoes the country stood flat footed, staring like a deer caught in the headlights of an unstoppable train.

December 2007, as President George W. Bush prepare to transition to private life, the newly elected President Barack Obama prepares himself, and his administration, to take on one of the most demanding and arduous jobs in the world, that of turning the world’s largest economy around, and saving our world class democracy from collapse.  This, as we would find out later, is no small task.

I remember reading the story of the Jews exodus from Egypt in the Old Testament when God instructed Moses to tell the people to stay in their homes until the destroying angel passed by.  When the morning came they were to set out for a new land, and a new life.  All things were to become new for them; this was their opportunity to start again.

While we are entering the fourth year of our ‘passover’ experience, I believe the morning star is getting brighter.  The signs of recovery are peaking through the clouds, hope is slowly overtaking despair.  I believe there are only a few more hours of darkness left, morning is at hand.  We must prepare to leave this dark experience behind, and set out to take hold of our new opportunities.

Where is your faith?

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