The Train That Went to Hell – Part II

You had your chance, you made your choice; you chose to live for me! Now give me one good reason I should set you free. But they cried still all the louder, “please have mercy on our souls!” But Satan turned to answer and his voice was hard and cold.

Why should my heart be softened and surrender to your cries, When the bible told you plainly, that the soul that SINS SHALL SURELY DIE!

And then he laughed an awful laugh that made his body shake and threw his head back on his shoulders as tears of joy streamed down his face.

But they cried, “;just give us time, to fix our hearts and to change our minds.” But he answered, “;when you were called to bow, you wouldn’t take heed, it’s too late now!

He laughed and laughed till his body shook; he laughed with all of his might; for they struggled in vain to loose their chains, but satan had bound them tight!

They cried and they pleaded; they screamed and they moaned; they begged and they panicked, they shrieked and the groaned.

There was never a more heartbreaking sound than the plead from the souls on the Train hell bound.

And I can see the devil grin when he laughs and say, “because you sinned YOU SHALL SURELY DIE TODAY!

Now the train moved on at an awful pace, as hot winds scorched their hands and face; when out of the distance arose such a yell, “OH LOOK!”;; cried the devil, we’re now nearing HELL.

Author: Unknown