The Train That Went to Hell – Part I

The Train was crammed from the front to the rear, the devil himself was the chief engineer. The plead for life I can almost hear on the Hell Bound Train.

There were men and women among the crowd, the high, the low, the meek and the proud. There were beautiful women and the handsomest men, who had gambled their souls for the price of sin.

There were rich men most wealthy among the crew, deacons, Church members, and ministers too. There were Elders on crutches and others on canes, all trapped within the Hell Bound Train.

There were men of all races, men of great names, men of sound knowledge and wisdom and fame. There were men of all creeds, the young and the old, who had gambled with Satan for the price of their soul.

They were all in the aisles and packed in their seats, and tied with chains both hands and feet. The windows and all the doors were chained, there was no escape from the Hell Bound Train.

Satan took his seat and the journey began, to Eternal Damnation, ‘the result of sin’.

Now one of the prisoners among the crowd gathered the strength to say, “satan, what have we done that we deserve to be treated in such a way”? “What have we done”, cried the others, “that we deserve to be punished by you”? “Well, I’ll tell you”, said the devil, “you did what I told you to. You’ve lived the way I told you to live and said all I told you to say; and unfortunately that is why your souls are lost today”!

“But Satan, said one, you said I was too young to give up the pleasures of life, you said I should wait and when I got old I could give my heart to Christ. You told me, said the wealthy, that I was too rich and I didn’t need Gods’ grace, you said if I gave him all that I had then my wealth would go to waste”.

“You told me”, said the haughty, ” that I was too proud to humble myself to Christ. You said I could do without him and I didn’t need him in my life”. “I lied said the devil and you were all fools to heed my words and obey. And indeed I’ve been most clever to have blinded you in this way.”

“Why friends, you’ve been faithful; you endured to the end; you’ve labored hard in the ways of sin. You hardened your heart and closed your eyes and shut your ears to the Word of God!

“You’ve worshipped me, is this not true? So as faithful servants, I must pay you. You’ve finished your course, so I’ll carry you through; after all dear servant, that’s the least I can do.” And then he laughed an awful laugh that made his body shake and threw his head back on his shoulders as tears of joy streamed down his face.

“But satan you told us much too plain that this would never be!” “Then you were fools”, the devil sneered, “to put your trust in me!”

“And so I have deceived you and brought you this fate! At last you’re waking up, but now IT’S TOO LATE!”

For when Christ desired to save your soul, you turned your back on him. And because you did, ‘you cannot live’, for death is the price of sin”. But Satan laughed and simply said, “Merciless Am I”.

Author: Unknown

———————————–To Be Continued——————————————