Peace Be Still

When things go wrong, as they often will, remember these words …”Peace Be Still”. The wind obeyed and so did the sea, they didn’t question his authority. He didn’t shout and he didn’t yell, but he could be heard even in hell. Yes, he stayed the wind and calmed the sea, and quiet as its kept, he even calmed me. Running rampant through the streets of the city, I had no mercy, I had no pity. Chasing the dollar, the women and the drugs, I was a rebel in the company of thugs.

Peace be still, I could hear him say, not a hint of doubt in his voice that day. Just to prove that his authority was sound, he walked on the water like solid ground. He raised his arms and waved his hand, how blessed they were to walk with this man.

He soothed their fears, and calmed their rage, He does the same things in this day and age. Remember that voice you heard so clear, the one that said come …. the time is near.

Peace Be Still ………….Peace Be Still ……..Peace.