Are You Big Enough?

“Love me … or … Leave me …..”

You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them … orthodox cliché’s ….. producing provocative notions.

All at once we have many questions and few answers; but the strange thing is that the answers we have don’t go with the questions.

So we abandon the real issues to the abyss of ‘unsolved mysteries’. If you love me you will take me the way I am, If I have to change, then it’s not me you love, but someone who look like me.

I am many things; the best of which can be improved upon, but never completely abandoned. I am not infallible; my best ideas are susceptible to failure. But I am proud of one very deserving, ‘pat on the back’, decision, and that is when I decided to love you with my whole heart whether you deserved it or not.

Love does not depend on you deserving it. It depends on me being “Big” enough to give it, expecting nothing in return.

So …., what do you say …….. are you “Big:” enough to accept it?