Is Jesus God, Man or, Both?

When the council of Nicea convened in 325 A.D under the auspices of the Roman empire, Emperor Constantine, there were many issues discussed that concerned the Church and the Roman State. It wouldn’t be fair to go on without giving a brief historical synopsis here. Constantine was the Emperor of the Western half of Rome. Emperor Licinius ruled the Eastern half. The Eastern half persecuted the Christians severely, while the Western half stopped the persecution of Christians. Needless to say Constantine and Licinius went to war against each other. Constantine won.

In his great quest to unify the Roman empire with its many different religions and gods, Constantine invited all the Bishops throughout the empire to a meeting, The Council Of Nicea. At this time not only was the empire divided, but the Church was divided also. There was the Eastern Church and the Western Church. The Eastern Church is said to have been found and established by the Apostle Thomas. The Western Church claim it was found and established by the Apostle Peter. But there was a third figure that was weighing heavily on Christendom during that time. A Christian pastor named Arius. Arius believed and taught that Jesus was not God, but inferior to the Father. Over the years he gathered many followers, including Emperor Constantine’s’ sister.

Many of the bishops at the council refused to even take part if Arius was allowed to be there to represent Christianity. Arius and his doctrine was rejected immediately. That was seventeen (17) centuries ago, and here we are still wrestling with the same issues.

Jesus told us himself, he said: ” I and my Father are one “. John 10:30. We will talk more on this subject again.