Mobs or Jobs?

The 2018 U.S congressional elections is one for the history books.  The campaigning leading up to the November 6 elections has all the markings of a breakout election for being the first in the number of female candidates running for office and, of the number of new people registering to vote.  A record number of early votes have already been cast.

The candidates have been jostling for position on hot button issues such as health care, immigration, the economy, etc., but, what make this election cycle different than any in my lifetime is the vitriolic politcal atmosphere.  The respect and civility that was once very much a part of our democratic process is all but gone.

The pride of America, our values and moral leadership, was held in high esteem around the world.  We were the shining light on a hill, to quote a not too distant republican president.  Now that shining light is biginning to dim.  We are living in a time in America when the very core of who we are, as Americans, are being challenged; not by foreign adversaries, but by other Americans.

It saddened me recently to learn that someone sent home made bombs by mail to, what could only be surmised as, their political enemies.  Let that sink in for a minute.  At least a dozen suspicious packages were sent to eight democrats, to CNN, actor Robert De Niro, former CIA Director John Brennan and, billionair financier George Soros.  How twisted is that?  When you send potential death to those you politically disagree with there is something seriously wrong.  Why would someone believe this is ok?

It’s time, and indeed past time, for the President of the United States of America to stand up and address the nation condemning this demented mentality that is festering in this polluted political climate before it is too late.

Mr. President, this is the right time to do the right thing.

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